Magento: More Handy Maintenance Mode

Magento Community ships with an easy way to put your entire site into maintenance mode.  This allows you to display a message to your users, without allowing them to browse the core of the site (pages, products, place orders, etc…).  This comes in handy when you need to perform big

Trouble with MLB.TV on a Chromebook?

If you are a rabid MLB fan like myself, you may subscribe to MLB.TV.  It allows you to stream all out of market games.  Around Christmas I purchased a shiny new Chromebook.  Once the baseball season started I fired it up to watch some baseball.  Uh, maybe not.  It

Ubuntu 13.10 Issue: Call to undefined function json_decode()

So I ran into another upgrade issue with my Ubuntu 13.10 servers yesterday.  All my JSON calls in PHP stopped working and were throwing the following error: Call to undefined function json_decode() After some debugging it appears the version of PHP included in this distribution is not shipped

Apache Virtual Hosts No Longer Working After Ubuntu Upgrade

I have a few different web servers that were running Ubuntu 12.10 that I recently updated to 13.10.  Upgrade went well, then I noticed none of the websites on any of the servers were working anymore.  After some frustrating debugging I noticed Ubuntu 13.10 runs Apache 2.

Configure ProFTPD To Use a MySQL Backend on Ubuntu

I have slowly been moving all my cloud servers from Windows over to Ubuntu servers the past couple of years.  I have been using ProFTPD on each of these for an FTP server.  It’s been a pain copying over config files for the same users from server to server.

Remove PHP's Easter Egg URLs

While going through some PCI scanning recently a PHP easter egg vulnerablility was brought to my attention.  It’s rather harmless, but needs to be addressed for PCI reasons.  The easter egg allows you to pass a query string to any PHP Page and it will return an image.  You

Nifty jQuery Plugin to Notify Users They Are Leaving Your Site

I am sure at some point in your development you have worked with a client that is required to notify users they are clicking a link and leaving their site.  Yesterday I needed to provide this functionality and quickly searched for a jQuery solution.  I came across a plugin named

Adobe Air Notification Demo

To go along with my previous post I have put together a demo so that you can download the source and see how the notifications work.  As I was starting to zip up the source code I saw a comment on my previous post from Ray that made me think

Growl Type Notifications in Adobe AIR

The past week or so I have been able to work on my first Adobe AIR app using HTML/JavaScript.  So far I have been very impressed with what you can build in AIR.  The application I have been working on pings a web service via jQuery and needs to Security Issue is currently being exploited via an onmouseover security issue.  You can read more about this via Graham Cluley’s blog.  I would highly avoid until this get’s resolved, and would stick to using a desktop app like TweetDeck or Seesmic, etc…