Update: ColdFusion and .NET: Comparing the Performance of Image Resizing

Needless to say, I received many comments and emails from the post this morning about comparing the performance between ColdFusion and .NET when resizing an image.  Some folks had wondered if using the ImageResize function instead of the CFIMAGE tag would speed up the ColdFusion numbers.  So I decided to test that theory out in a couple of ways.

The first test I used the ImageResize function with no interpolation value passed in.  This test averaged 1831 milliseconds.  Our original test using CFIMAGE was 1891 milliseconds, so these two methods are much the same.

I then ran another test passing in "highestPerformance" as the value for interpolation.  This test produced an average of 325 milliseconds, considerably faster than the other tests for ColdFusion.

So the .NET code is still twice as fast (150 milliseconds), even with ColdFusion saving the image at a VERY low quality.  The quality is so poor I would never even consider using it on a production website.


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