UberTwitter Releases New Update - Adds Multiple Accounts and Ads

ubertwitter_logoMost of you know that my favorite Twitter client for my BlackBerry has been UberTwitter.  I started using it since their first beta release and have been an avid user ever since.  Yesterday saw a new update to the application, Beta 4.  Two items included in this update jumped right out at me.The first is the support of multiple accounts.  I have been waiting for one of these apps to add support for multiple accounts for awhile now.  I have various Twitter accounts set up for different interests and it has always been a pain to have multiple Twitter applications installed on my BlackBerry.  This new feature seems to work well so far.  You can set up as many accounts as you wish and each are viewed independently (meaning the timelines for each account are not combined).  It’s very easy to switch between accounts and this switch occurs fairly fast.

The second feature, and the one that seems the biggest gripe for most users, is the addition of advertisements.  At the top of the timeline is a rotating ad, with mine mostly showing a Yahoo ad.  This addition to the application could be a downfall for some users, and cause them to go looking for another app to use.  Reading around a bit it does appear that UberTwitter plans to release a paid application which would remove the ads.  As long as the price is right, I would pay for UberTwitter, as it’s still the best Twitter application for the BlackBerry in my opinion.

Some of the other new features in Beta 4:

  • TwitVid support
  • You can block users
  • bit.ly integration
  • Faster photo uploads

One other quick note, I FINALLY received my beta invite to SocialScope this morning.  A lot of BlackBerry users claim this as their favorite social media application, as it works with Twitter and Facebook.  I will post my thoughts on SocialScope after giving it a run for a few days.


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