Twitter Changes @reply Options

Twitter rolled out a new “small settings update” that has changed the options for the @reply features. The change has caused an outrage for most users in the Twitter community. Before the update, you could set the @reply features for yourself, choosing from 1 of the 3 options: Show @replies from nobody, show @replies from everybody, or only show the @replies of people you were following. After the update you only have the last option, show @replies from the people you are following.

Twitter appears to have made this change to reduce the noise from @reply features for new users. That is well and good, but the users could have changed this option their self, and Twitter could have kept the other features. Will Twitter revert this “small settings update” soon? I hope they do and that they put the choice back on the user.

By the way, the top trending topic on Twitter right now is this very subject, using the #fixreplies hashtag.

You can read more about this subject here:
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