The Ripple Effect of Cyber Warfare

I have been interested lately in the various areas of warfare in our current times. The major focus of current situations WILL involve cyber warfare as part of any conflict. Many folks are under the impression that conflicts between other countries than their own really will not change their lives that much. If you are of this belief, read the post titled Collateral Damage written by Robert X. Cringely on is blog. He lays out the ripple effect of a cyber warfare in other countries, for example a conflict between India and Pakistan. With a great deal of large companies outsourcing work to these countries, any type of cyber attack could be devastating. As Cringely points out an attack could cripple customer support for many banks and PC companies or even attack source code repositories.

It is a well written post that will leave most people stunned once they consider the “what if” scenarios. I totally agree with Cringely that any conflict in the modern era will have a cyber warfare component. I would also argue that the first “shots” fired in a conflict could very well happen in the cyber world.


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