SQL Server Management Studio: Fix Saving Changes Not Permitted Error

If you have been working with Microsoft’s SQL Server Mangement Studio 2008 tool for any period of time, you have do doubt seen the message below:


Your only real option here is to click the cancel button and wonder aloud how the heck do you update your table. In short this message means that the update you are trying to perform on the table will require the table to dropped and created again. The odd thing about this message is that SQL Server will do all of that stuff for you in the background without you needing to do anything. So this message prevents it from helping you. There is a way to turn this message off, and by doing so you can easily save the updates to your table. While in the program just select the Tools option in the top menu, and browse down and click on the Options link. This will bring up the options window, where you will then see a section called Designers. Click that and uncheck the box labeled “Prevent saving changes that require table re-creation”. You can see this in image below. Click OK and you will no longer see this annoying message.



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