My Favorite Android Apps - #5 Remote Desktop

In the coming days I will be counting down my top 5 favorite Android apps. I currently have a Verizon Motorola Droid and cannot sing the praises of this device enough.

5 – Remote Desktop

I’ll start this little review by explaining how I discovered this app. My wife and I adopted a son in Florida and had a very long drive back to our home. An hour or so into our trip I received an email from a hosting client saying their website appeared to be down. Using another great app called Ping, I was able to determine the server itself was up and responding via a ping, but it was not serving web pages powered by ColdFusion. It was fairly obvious the ColdFusion service needed a restart, but how would I do that from the car with no access to a computer? After a quick search on the market I came across the Remote Desktop app. I purchased the app and within minutes I was logged onto my server via the Droid. I was able to restart the service and return everything back to normal. How cool is that? Amazing what technology can do these days.

The app itself actually has a nice interface given the real estate of the Droid screen dimensions. You can easily scroll and within minutes you will get used to the tap, double tap and delayed tap that allows you to perform the actions on the remote machine. It also allows you to store different connections so you can easily remote into a machine with a single tap of the screen. An optional (but highly recommended) setting also allows you to set up a master password, which must be typed in every time the app is opened.

I would highly recommended this app if you are tasked with keeping servers online. It gives you peace of mind knowing you can access a server from your phone. It’s also handy just logging into your own workstation from time to time as well.


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