My Favorite Android Apps – #4 AppAware

This is the second post in the series about my favorite Android apps.

4 – AppAware

I stumbled across AppAware about three months ago. At first I really did not get the point of what it was all about. It markets itself as the social market for Android. So in a nutshell what does this app do? It helps you find apps.

When you install AppAware it hooks into your installed applications. So it is aware of what you have installed, which apps you update and which apps you delete. Using this data from users around the globe it will then compile a list of the top apps. You can view the top installs in the last hour, the last day or the last week. So it lets you easily see the most popular apps.

To take it a step further, once you click on an individual app to view the details it shows you a list of installs and uninstalls. Using that data you can get a feel for how worthwhile the app is. If it has 100 installs, and then 75 uninstalls it probably means folks downloaded it, tried it out, and decided it wasn’t worth keeping. On the flip side if there were few uninstalls it probably means it’s a worthwhile app, and thus worth checking out. If you want to check it out AppAware provides a direct link to the Android Market where you can install the app.

The main screen of AppAware also provides a little neat interface that displays in real time app installs and uninstalls. So it allows you to see these in a refreshing timeline view.

AppAware has some other features that are optional that I do not use. One of these features allows you to share via your Twitter account which apps you are installing. You can also enable the GPS location which will allow you to track the data mentioned above based on your location, so you can see the popular apps within a certain radius of your GPS point.

The reason I dig this app is the ease at which I can find new and popular apps. I have stumbled across some of my favorite ones using AppAware.


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