My Favorite Android Apps – #3 MLB At Bat '10

This is the second post in the series about my favorite Android apps.

3 – MLB At Bat ‘10

MLB At Bat is a baseball fan’s dream app. If you are not a fan of baseball, you can probably skip this review, although some of the technology itself is so cool you may want to hear about it or try it out for yourself.

One of the great things about this app for me, is it allows me to easily keep up with my favorite couple of teams. Both of the teams I follow closely are out of market for me, so without something like this I cannot catch live coverage of their games. So what exactly does MLB At Bat provide?

The coolest feature of this app is live game audio from EVERY MLB game. To take that a step further, for each game you can also select the radio broadcast from either the home or away team. The streaming piece works very well, as I will often dock my Droid in the car if there is a game being played on my drive home from work.

Another cool feature of MLB At Bat is the live pitch by pitch coverage. It displays each pitch and lets you know what happens. It also displays the pitch type (fastball, slider, etc…) and the pitch speed. This comes in handy if you are trying to catch up with the game quickly.

Video highlights are also included in the app. During the live games you catch video replays of the important plays a few minutes after they happen, and you can also catch the recaps of the games. The app also provides the normal news and standings around baseball.

The app does lack one feature that would send it over the edge: live game video. The iPhone version of the app has this feature, so my guess is this should be added in the future.


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