My Favorite Android Apps – #2 SlingPlayer

This is the third post in the series about my favorite Android apps.

2 – SlingPlayer

I have been an avid SlingBox user for many, many years. In fact I would bet I have one of the first devices they made, and it still works like a champ. When I first picked up my Droid, I was bummed to see there was no SlingPlayer app at the time. Previously I was a BlackBerry user and there was an available app for that device. Finally a few weeks ago the SlingPlayer app went live on the market. I quickly hit the market and found the app. To my chagrin I noticed the message that stated the app would only work with the newer models of the SlingBox. As much as that sucked I didn’t believe it, as the SlingBox just streams via HTTP. Browsing around the net for a few minutes I found many folks who said it did work with their older device just fine. So I bit the bullet and purchased the app. I was able to quickly confirm it did work perfect with my older SlingBox.

If you are not familiar with the SlingBox, it allows you to watch and control your TV remotely. You have full control via a virtual remote control for viewing, including controlling your DVR, etc… The SlingPlayer is currently available for the PC and many cellular operating systems, including the iPhone and Android.

The Android app streams awesome for me. Do note, that part of this will be due to the upload speed on your home network as well as the download speed you currently have on your phone. I have the maxed out U-Verse connection at home so I have a great deal of upload stream to use. Very rarely do I have issues with streaming, and normally when I do it’s due to the lack of a cell signal. In fact, over the weekend I had to make a run to Lowe’s for some supplies, and watched the Tour de France the entire time I was in Lowe’s with no issues. I also use it from home, with my Droid connected via my wireless network. This works extremely well also.

The one big drawback to this app is the price. It’s $29.99 which is very pricy for a mobile application, although in my opinion it is worth the price.


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