My Favorite Android Apps – #1 Touiteur

1 – Touiteur

I am a huge fan of Twitter.  I mostly use it for keeping up with news and sports and for a few aggregators I run.  In looking for a Twitter app there is one requirement that is a must for me: merged timelines.  I have multiple accounts and enjoy having them in a merged view.  Many of the Twitter apps support multiple accounts, but not merged timelines.  My first Twitter app I used on my Droid was the popular Twidroid application.  It had the features I used the most so I purchased the pro version of it and have used it for quite a period of time.  I used Twidroid until 3 weeks ago, when I came across Touiteur.  Touiteur is now my main Twitter app on my Droid.

Touiteur has most of the same features as Twidroid does, but the user interface is much nicer in my opinion.  It also does a much better job of remembering where you last left off when viewing your timeline.  Twidroid would frequently forget where I left off viewing and would assume I had read all of the tweets.  Touiteur not only merges the main timeline, but also merges the replies and direct messages from all the accounts.

Some of the other features I take advantage of:

  • URL shortening with the option of using your own API key
  • Support for multiple photo services with Tweetphoto, Twitpic and YFrog
  • Support for Twitter lists
  • Search
  • Trends
  • Favorites

The market contains many difference choices of apps for use with Twitter, but this one has worked the best for me given some of my needs.  Touiteur is also available via a pro version which unlocks a few more features.


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