MLB onBase: An Adobe AIR App

mlb-onbaseI have talked before about some of the Major League Baseball apps on this blog before.  They have added another application to their arsenal this week: OnBase.  This application is built on Adobe AIR and is one slick little app.

When you first start the app you can choose your favorite team or teams or you can flag your favorite players.  It then uses these settings to notify you of any news or updates involving your selections.  So for example, you will get an alert when the lineups are set for your teams games.  There are also alerts for in game notifications.  When a team scores in a game that involves one of your flagged teams, an alert pops up informing you that a run or runs scored and how they scored.  It also displays the scoreboard of your team’s games.

Twitter is also an integral part of the application.  Part of the news feeds involving your favorite teams or players , are tweets that are found matching your selections.  This updates every few minutes.  You can also hook up your Twitter account and send tweets directly from the application.

I have always believed that Major League Baseball is at the forefront of internet related technology in the pro sports.  Their offering is the best streaming technology in sports, bar none.  With the release of this application they continue to be the front runners in cool technology.


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