LINQPad - A Studio for LINQ

I have been creating a lot of ASP.NET websites lately, and have been using LINQ for most of the database interaction throughout the sites. One frustrating piece about LINQ is debugging. In order for me to see what the query was running and returning, I would have to turn on the trace features and then use a logger to log the LINQ query to the trace. I could then copy and paste the generated SQL code into SQL Management Studio and see the results. I came across a blog entry this morning that mentioned a free tool named LINQPad, that in a simple explanation is like a SQL Management Studio for LINQ queries. You can create a connection to your database and test out your LINQ code from there. It also shows you the result set of your query.

One other nice little feature of the tool, is it includes code samples from a couple of different books, and they have added support to allow even more samples for more books. If you program with LINQ, give this a quick try. It can make writing and debugging your LINQ queries a little simpler.

Download LINQPad here.


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