How Much Do I Depend on Twitter?

Before I had dinner last night I grabbed my BlackBerry and checked out my Twitter feed. There I saw the breaking news that Michael Jackson was on his way to the hospital and then a few minutes later it was reported he had passed away. On my way to work this morning I realized just how much my collecting of the latest news has changed since I have been using Twitter. I rarely visit the front page of websites I browsed frequently in the past (CNN, FoxNews, etc…). Now I just check my Twitter stream and I am immediately informed by many different news sources. Most all the major news networks have various Twitter accounts these days.

Sports information is another area that I find myself using Twitter for instead of browsing various sites as well. I know way too much information about the New York Mets now, from what happens before, during and after the games, by following the Mets beat writer for the NY post. Same thing for other sports and teams I follow as well.

It’s just amazing how 140 characters at a time keeps me more up to date with my news and interests than ever before.


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