Great WordPress Plugin - Absolute Privacy

For those of you that follow this blog, you know I was looking for a web based code snippet library. After checking out some of the ones I came across I ended up making the decision to use a WordPress blog for the library. It has everything I needed out of the box (categories, tags, multiple authors, RSS etc…). The only two pieces I needed to add in were a code highlighter (which there are many of) and most importantly a mechanism to allow me to make the entire blog private. I did not want the general public to come across the code snippets, nor did I want the blog indexed. I was surprised to see that out of the box WordPress does not offer this feature. After a quick search I came across a new plugin named Absolute Privacy written by John Kolbert. This plugin does exactly what I needed to do. Once you download the plugin all you need to do is go to the settings page and check a box that enables the feature. By doing this your entire blog is protected via login. So far this has worked well, and WordPress is doing it’s normal good job.


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