Former Nebraska QB Sam Keller Suing EA Sports and the NCAA

While reading my morning sports news, I came across this article on about former Nebraska quarterback Sam Keller taking EA Sports and the NCAA to court. Keller is claiming that EA Sports wrongly uses the names and likenesses of collegiate athletes and that the NCAA allows this to happen. If you have ever played one of the NCAA games (basketball or football) you know that due to NCAA rules the makers of the game cannot use real names or pictures of the athletes. The rating of the players are true to life, but that’s about it. The lawsuit goes on to say that the games dodge this rule by allowing owners of the game to easily share files that contain entire rosters, including player names and bio information.

Now, some would not see the harm in this. But remember that NCAA athletes do not get paid (unless you count the scholarships which provides a free education for some). So the main contention in this lawsuit appears to be that EA Sports and the NCAA are profiting (and profiting greatly I might add) from these games, but the athletes get nothing and the games are built around the athletes.

So what are your thoughts on this lawsuit? And, do you think the athletes should get some kind of compensation?


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