Facebook Owns Your Data, All of It!

I am sure most of you have heard by now that Facebook slyly updated it's terms of service on February 4th.  Most people probably never read such things when they signed up for accounts on the web, but if you are  user of Facebook you may want to read the updated terms of service and privacy policies.  I do not want to generalize this too much, but in the end Facebook owns all the data you provide to the site.  In some cases this data will still be kept even if you delete your account.

This Fox News story summarizes everything very well, including a response from the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg.  His response in defense of the terms are flawed in my opinion.  If a user decides to delete their account, I am of the belief that every piece of content posted by that user should be deleted.  Zuckerberg's defense of this argument uses an example of sending a message on the site.  When a user composes a message to a fellow user, there are two "copies" of that message on the site, one in the composing users sent messages and one if the receiving users inbox.  He says they believe if the composing user deletes their account that the message in the inbox of the receiving users should stay as it was sent originally.  This not only includes messages, but could also include photographs.

Other folks who commented on this issue on various blogs around the internet, are not happy with this policy.  Some believe that basically Facebook can profit greatly on using your data or photographs to market themselves, without you making a dime.  What do other people think on this topic?  Do you agree or disagree with the policies of Facebook?


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