Facebook Finally Gets the Big Picture, Opens up API and Releases AIR App

It appears as though Facebook is finally getting the hint about it’s API. The company announced today they have released the Open Stream API. This new API will allow developers to take advantage of all kinds of Facebook features. This same openess has worked wonders for Twitter, and I am sure Facebook is hoping for the same. In my opinion Facebook was forced to do this in order to keep up Twitter, as their service is growing like a wildfire every day. I for one, have stopped using Facebook on a regular basis due to this. I do not like having to log into their website (which is slow) to interact with certain features. I love Twitter because I have a plethora of desktop and cell phone apps to choose from.

On a related note Facebook has also announced an application built for Adobe AIR. Now I can’t wait for TweetDeck to update and use all the new Facebook features!


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