CFEclipse and Ganymede Issues

Having recently had a computer die on me, I have been slowly installing all my dev tools on a new one.  After installing Eclipse 3.4.1 and the latest version of CFEclipse, a couple of missing items were really starting to bug me.  The first was missing tag insight.  I don't use this a lot, but it's very helpful when you are using a function you don't use a whole lot, and you don't remember all the arguments that are available.  The second was missing line numbers.  This really was a big deal for me and drove me nuts to no end.  After searching around a bit I found the solution to both of my problems on the CFEclipse WIKI site.

In short, to enable your tag insight, right click on your project and select "Add Remove CFE Nature".  For missing line numbers you need to update (or create) a config file to enable it.

In your workspace, find the file:

If the file doesn't exist – copy and rename one of the other .prefs files.

In org.cfeclipse.cfml.prefs add a line with this text:



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