Browser Wars Getting Closer

With the growing number of web browsers out today it proves a tough challenge to develop across all browsers.  I try to keep tabs on the current browser share in the market, to make sure you can at least cater to the masses.  A look at the latest numbers shows that Internet Explorer is still the beast in the market, at 67.5%.  That number is falling sharply though.  Just last March they had a 74.8% share of the market.  So the gap is closing.  Firefox is slowing catching them, coming home second at 21.5%.  That number is up from their 17.8% share in March.

Browser share as of January 2009:
Internet Explorer (67.5%)
Firefox (21.5%)
Safari (8.2%)
Chrome (1.1%)
Opera (.7%)
Netscape (.5%)
Other (.2%)

Data courtesy of MarketShare


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