New Series: Use the .NET TweetSharp Library to Integrate with Twitter via OAuth

This is the first post on a new series I will be posting on integrating TweetSharp into your .NET applications.  It will also show you how to use OAuth, as all the examples will be connecting to Twitter via OAuth. So what is TweetSharp?  It’s a .NET library that

What Language Would You Recommend To a Beginner?

Someone asked me an interesting question earlier this week that got me thinking quite a bit.  Someone had a son that was interested in building web based applications and wanted to know what they should learn first.  The answer to this question could have many answers depending on who it

Integrate reCAPTCHA Into Your ColdFusion Application

While building a recent application I had the need to prevent spam form submissions in quite a few different pages.  I started to integrate the CFIMAGE tag, then had a change of mind and decided to try something new.  I have not been a huge fan of the output of

DataMgr Is Worth A Look

I have been hearing lots of good things about some of the CRUD options available for use in ColdFusion applications.  With a new side project coming up I decided to give DataMgr by Steve Bryant a try.  I can say right from the top that I was very impressed with

Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 Beta 2 Available

If you are a MSDN subscriber I just wanted to pass along a quick note that Beta 2 of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 are available for download.  I played around with Beta 1 a little bit and ran across some issues with Visual Studio.  Hopefully these have

Tips for Interviews/Resumes

busybusinessman_1" title="1125736_busy_businessman_1" />As some of you know, I accepted a new management position at work a few weeks ago.  Since then we have been receiving resumes and interviewing folks to take over my old position as a senior engineer.  Going through this process, many pet

Promotion! I Accepted a New Position With My Company

atwork" title="1168056_at_work" />A few weeks ago I was offered, and accepted, a new position of Production Manager at work.  I officially started the new role last week and should be fully transitioned over this week.  The lack of posts here has suffered, as I’ve spent a

MLB onBase: An Adobe AIR App

I have talked before about some of the Major League Baseball apps on this blog before.  They have added another application to their arsenal this week: OnBase.  This application is built on Adobe AIR and is one slick little app. When you first start the app you can

Clean web.config Files in .NET 4.0

If you have experience in programming in ASP.NET over the last few years, I am sure you have noticed how bloated the web.config file has become.  Most of it is very confusing looking lines of various calls to load modules and handlers.  It appears that is changing in

Installing Visual Studio SP1 on Windows 7

Since installing Windows 7 RTM I have been slowly reinstalling all of my development programs.  The only one that has given me a fit has been SP1 for Visual Studio 2008.  The base program installed just fine, but SP1 failed every time.  Even after trying some suggestions I saw while