Adobe Air Notification Demo

To go along with my previous post I have put together a demo so that you can download the source and see how the notifications work.  As I was starting to zip up the source code I saw a comment on my previous post from Ray that made me think about a possible issue.  Running a test using task manager, I quickly saw that every time I clicked the button to display the notification the memory used by AIR rose a little.  With every click it rose higher and higher and never went back down.  The problem was the main app window spawned a new window for the notification but never closed that window.  I was able to solve this by using air.Timer.  It sets up a timer that runs a function once it reaches the limit you provide.  So setting this number a second or so after the notification fades out, allows it to close the notification window via nativeWindow.close();

The source code is below.  If you are using Aptana Studio, you should be able to promote it to a project and then run it.  I am open to suggestions on how to streamline this if possible.

Download Source Code:


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