10 Skills Developers Will Need

Justin James at TechRepublic posted an article yesterday that covers his opinion of the 10 skills developers will need in the next 5 years. You can read his article and I’m sure you will agree with some of his items and there will be some you take a different view on. Here are my thoughts:

I agree 100% with the first item in the list, that you should already know or learn at least one of the most popular languages (.NET, PHP or Java). That does not mean you need to be proficient in every one of them, but I would agree that you should be in the process of at least being very proficient in one of these. I know and love ColdFusion, and as long a Adobe updates and stands behind the product I will use it. I have started some deep learning of .NET (with C#) and it has expanded my horizons. After being reluctant about .NET at first, I can now say it like it. Knowing more than one language will also help you to determine what platform will be the best for your projects in the future. A certain platform will not always be the best solution to a particular problem. Having a knowledge of other languages will help you make the right decision and be successful.

I am not sure if Justin was listing his items in order of importance, but if he was I would disagree with having mobile development listed as the last item in the list. Mobile applications are gaining steam every day and there is one important factor that seems to get overlooked sometimes. Depending on your application, most organizations are looking to put a little part of that on a mobile device or at least have a website that displays well on a mobile browser. Take a look at the most popular websites currently, those like Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, etc… They are started on the web, but you can find tons of dedicated mobile apps for your Blackberry, iPhone, etc… that take advantage of those technologies. I may have moved this item up a little further in the list.

I do agree with item four on his list, knowing and understanding web services. Web services easily allow you to release an API or some other hooks into your application. This easily allows third party integration with your application, which is getting more and more common every day.

That’s it for my thoughts. What are your thoughts?


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