10 Features That Will Make Twitter Better

I came across this blog post from Six Revisions that discusses 10 features they would like to see added to the Twitter web interface.  I had never used Twitter until a couple of months ago, but I am hooked.  While using it, I can say that the first gripe I had was the web interface itself.  After using Twhirl and TweetDeck it really brings to life the shortcomings of the web interface.  Some of the items that are listed in the post mentioned above are already present in some of the third party apps.  I find one of the items a real time saver, the ability to place your twitterati into groups.  This function is built into Tweetdeck and is fantastic!  It really makes parsing your tweets more efficient. 

Some folks may ask what the need would be to add these features into the web interface if they are available in third party apps.  One word: API.  Sure, I can use TweetDeck to pop things into groups, but when I read items from my Blackberry I do not have access to these groups.  If Twitter added these items to the web interface they could also add them to the API.  So any groups I created would be accessible from any application.

Are there any things you would like to see added to the Twitter web interface?


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